Graphic Design

Graphic design is an integral part of effective communication design – it's the flawless delivery of your message. Whatever the media – and here we can get really creative – we're talking about developing, creating and optimising how to present what you say for maximum effect.

For websites, digital or print – from ads and email campaigns, to brochures and mailshots, from billboards to letterheads… wherever your message needs to be seen or your brand needs building.

At The Missing Dimension we give traditional graphic design an invigorating shake-up. Instead of constraining the effectiveness of your communications, your brand and your image to fit an industry-standard process; we instead start with your goal and reverse engineer the best way to deliver it.

Creative Approach… Reassuringly Solid Results

Getting heard, building a strong, trustworthy brand and getting a response takes creativity and a deep understanding of your business and what makes your target audience tick.

It's why we won't start a conversation on graphic design talking about colours or logos, we go deeper.

Our graphic design skills are the tip of the iceberg. What lies beneath is experience and a real talent for designing the right look for different channels, different audiences and across different media.

  • “Who will your design target, why and how?”
  • “How is your design boosting the effectiveness of my message?”
  • “How does your design get my message heard?”
  • “How will your design get the response we want?”
  • “Why have you made those specific design choices?”

These are just some of the questions your graphic designer should be answering.

If you're ready to work with graphic designers who are serious about getting you results then let's talk.

Latest Work

Basingstoke Live

We're supporting the Basingstoke Live website for Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council for a third year.

Basingstoke Festival

Basingstoke Festival is now in its third year, and we continue to work with Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council.

Paul's Modelling Workshop

A major update to the previous website we built for Paul's Modelling Workshop to showcase his portfolio.

Solent Marine Events

A complete rebuild of an existing website to improve navigation, usability, SEO and online marketing opportunities.